The Charitable Arm of Hotwire Communications

Hotwire started 20+ years a telecommunications company providing voice, video and internet services to residential customers. It started with the belief that the future of telecommunications was access to fiber internet.

Hotwire Communications has been empowering communities through access to fiber broadband since 2001. Two decades later, as Netflix’s fastest ISP in the world and CableFax’s Operator of the Year, Hotwire has turned its core value that communities are empowered through access to broadband into direct action – bringing broadband to the least of our communities.

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Community Focused

Locally present With Our Technical Expertise

We believe that broadband is a dispositive element in both personal and community growth and it is our goal to be catalysts for that growth by connecting the unserved with internet so they can experience this growth. This takes community knowledge, technical expertise, operational management, and leadership.

Through its charitable organization, Empowering Communities Foundation, Hotwire is committed to connecting our neighbors to the Internet so broadband can be a catalyst for empowerment and success for everyone in our community. In 2020, we have delivered laptops and broadband to thousands of students and families across our markets and are looking forward to empowering more communities in the coming years.