Bridge The Divide


Getting things Done

There is no shortage of advocates, including Hotwire Communications, at every level of government for broadband and digital divide policy reform. Serious changes must be made to local and national policies to ensure that our nation is not hindering large segments of the population that do not have access to the educational, financial, healthcare and community tools available via broadband.

Tech assisting child and parent with computer.

For Communities

Hotwire Communications recognizes that while national policies are debated, our neighbors and communities are left without the benefits of broadband access. Through its charitable arm, Empowering Communities Foundation, Hotwire is going beyond advocacy to actively provisioning broadband to those that need it most.

While our foundation is committed to delivering community broadband, we also recognize the need for necessary tools to truly bridge the digital divide such as technology upgrades, laptops and devices, training and support.


Toward Change

Empowering Communities Foundation takes several distinct steps when deploying broadband within a community. We believe these steps maximize the short- and long-term impacts of this community investment and encourages volunteer involvement and commitment to each program.

Identifying Need

Working with community leaders, schools, and housing authorities, Empowering Communities Foundation identifies areas where broadband need is most stark and where impact would be most significant

Raising Local Support

Building coalitions with local government, community representatives, and business leaders in areas of identified need, we develop effective implementation plans that encourage widespread participation and enjoy vocal support and partnership from leaders whose voices are most heard.

Building & Connecting

Working hand-in-hand with Hotwire’s construction, engineering and project management teams, we design, construct and launch broadband infrastructure and connect families, businesses and local institutions to the Internet.

Continued Support

Once launched, we stay involved. Student and family resources are provided through The Home Page Program, our online resource website, and continuing education and training courses are offered throughout the community. Continued participation is encouraged with our volunteers and recipients.